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If you’re joining the API economy, you need an API management platform that brings it all together for you. API management powered by webMethods is a complete and end-to-end platform, covering design, development, deployment, security, publishing and monitoring of your APIs and services. Use it to unlock the business value of unique data and services, and take advantage of mobile first, open API, hybrid integration, Internet of Things (IoT) and service governance initiatives. Reach new customers and partners, find new sources of revenue and leverage your development community. Now available in the cloud!

What you can do with the platform

Manage the entire lifecycle Manage the entire process of designing, developing, deploying, versioning and retiring APIs and services
Securely provision APIs Provide authentication, mediation, payload transformation, monetization, and connection to supporting back-end services and systems
Analyze API usage
  • Understand how your APIs and portal are being used
  • Collect metrics for performance dashboards, SLA violations, and invoicing when using APIs for monetization
  • View where your API visitors are located geographically, number of page views for each API and conversion rate of visitors to registered users

Key benefits

End-to-end tool chain Design, develop, deploy, set policies, virtualize, publish, and monitor APIs and services. Provide secure access, mediation and connection to back-end systems all with one platform.
Support internal and external developers Provide the tools to on-board developers and collaborate, and to discover, read about, test and rate APIs.
Leverage current investments Reduce time, cost and training. Leverage current SOA investments for new API initiatives.
Consolidate with a single asset catalogue Catalog all your APIs, services, schemas, documents and other related assets in one place. Capture rich descriptions of your assets with owner, location, design and usage details. Easy search capabilities allow you to quickly find services for re-use. Quickly specify those to publish to webMethods API-Portal for external developers.
Accelerate Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service initiatives

Reduce the time, complexity and cost of delivering data and analytics initiatives built on Hadoop® and NoSQL platforms. With the webMethods Big Data Gateway, you can extract and load any data—structured and unstructured—from any source—on-premises and in the cloud—and transform it as needed for consumption by internal and external users. Open new revenue channels by using it as a scalable API layer for securely exposing data for analytics and third-party consumption.
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Complete API and service lifecycle management
  • Manage the entire process of planning, designing, developing, and monetizing APIs and services
  • Build the right APIs for your business, re-using existing assets
  • Govern the lifecycle of APIs, services and associated policies
  • Version APIs and services; run multiple versions side by side
  • Detect rogue services or consumers running in your environment; place these services under governance, automatically
  • Gain real-time visibility into what’s happening with service transactions as they flow across your heterogeneous infrastructure
  • Visualize which apps are using specific APIs and services
  • Graphically analyze the impact of changes to your APIs and services before they occur
Events, alerts and notifications
  • Notification of specific events and alerts allow you to take immediate corrective action
  • Receive notifications on any changes or updates to your tracked APIs
Support for leading technologies
  • Serve any device or technology
  • Support all mobile, Web, cloud and hybrid apps
  • Publish REST and SOAP APIs
  • API key management and OAuth2
Performance monitoring
  • Rich dashboarding capabilities provide real-time visual representations of critical KPIs
  • Full round-trip performance monitoring of APIs and back-end services
  • Ensure SLA requirements are met
  • Find and resolve bottlenecks quickly
  • Pinpoint transaction failure root causes by taking a snapshot of the full transaction in the event of an error or SLA violation
Mediation and security
  • Configure service mediations without coding
  • Set up access rules, policies and SLAs
  • Extensive mapping and transformation support, allowing API consumers flexibility in protocols, message formats and transports
  • Virtualize APIs and services, shielding consumers from back-end changes
  • Improve compatibility between service consumers and service providers by switching protocols and transforming message formats “on the fly”
  • Use policies to uniformly secure your services and remove the burden from consumers and providers; enforce them as a group on all services that meet specific criteria
  • Workflows in the developer portal enable on-boarding and token access requests
  • Automatically create API documentation
  • Automatically provision policies
  • Enable process automation
  • Assure high availability and load balancing by leveraging Terracotta-based clustering
  • Automate cross-domain processes and integrate systems
  • Integrate with back-end systems and applications
  • Service orchestration for business processes and API calls
  • Adapters to expose business logic and data from core systems
  • Service-enable Oracle®, SAP and other core apps, databases and legacy systems
  • Achieve faster time-to-value with Prime methodology and Software AG expertise
Big data gateway
  • Expose big data quickly and securely for analytics and third-party consumption
  • Enable access via APIs to Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service initiatives

Business needs

Enable “mobile-first” initiatives
  • Host and provision APIs
  • Access them securely, perform traffic management and seamlessly connect to back-end systems
Reach new markets
  • Expose unique corporate assets as APIs
  • Provision mobile and Web apps
  • Serve any device and technology
  • Foster innovation
  • Expand your ecosystem
  • Leverage the development community
Capitalize on the API economy
  • Accelerate enterprise cloud, hybrid and mobile strategies
  • Discover new markets, extend your reach
  • Create new sales channels
  • Interconnectivity to IoT, connect with other devices to increase value
  • Monetize your unique corporate assets
  • Grow your ecosystem by exposing APIs that allow customers to integrate your offerings with other systems they use
Respond to competitive threats
  • Create APIs and applications faster
  • Capture business capabilities as re-usable services
  • Rapidly assemble new applications and service-enable existing ones
  • Drag-and-drop to transform a collection of individual services into higher-level business services
Deliver big performance for Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service initiatives

Did you know integration is the top technology for enabling big data? webMethods uses an innovative gateway that accelerates your use of big data so you can glean important insights—like from sensors or on consumer buying behavior—faster and at less cost. Set up Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service initiatives quickly and securely by connecting to diverse big data ecosystems using a single platform and enabling access via APIs.


CentraSite Catalog all assets, from services to APIs and their related assets. Provides asset governance.
webMethods API Gateway Securely expose your APIs to third-party developers, partners and other consumers for use in web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With webMethods API Gateway you can easily create APIs, define Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies, and seamlessly publish your APIs to webMethods API-Portal.
webMethods API-Portal Promote and document your REST and SOAP APIs. Manage access to your APIs. Collect analytics to better understand your visitors and how they are using your APIs. With webMethods API Cloud, Software AG's API portal is now available as a hosted service.
webMethods Enterprise Gateway Provide DMZ security for back-end services and APIs. Authentication, flexible security rules and threat protection at the network edge.
webMethods Insight Gain real-time visibility into service transactions. Easily find root-cause location of SLA violations, exceptions and other service processing problems.
webMethods Mediator Enforce policies, monitor SLAs, perform traffic management, collect analytics, and product alerts and events for downstream processing.


I’m David Overos with Software AG’s webMethods product marketing team. Have a question about what API management can do for your organization? Let’s talk!

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