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Get more value from existing applications

Software AG’s Adabas & Natural Application Modernization Platform transforms existing enterprise applications to deliver continued value by leveraging new technologies, such as Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. Avoid costly and risky replacement projects and migration failures by modernizing mission-critical Adabas & Natural applications with our application modernization platform. Get more business value and innovation out of existing applications by modernizing them cost effectively at low risk while managing the generational change of skills.

What you can do with this platform

Make better decisions with in-depth analysis
  • Fully understand the complexity and criticality of applications
  • Automatically analyze and document applications (code, data, batch jobs, process and business logic)
Re-use rather than replace
  • Re-use differentiating business logic and high-value data
  • Deliver projects faster with continuous business value
Wide range of options
  • Leverage new technologies (Web, mobile, SOA, APIs and big data)
  • Optimize mainframe applications or re-host to Linux®, UNIX® or Windows® (LUW)

Key benefits

Know the facts before you decide Automatically analyze application assets to make facts-based modernization decisions.
Avoid rip-and-replace risks Avoid the expense and headaches of a risk-and-replace project. Instead, re-use core business logic and data.
Improve the user experience Modernize green-screen applications with intuitive Web and mobile interfaces so they’re easier to use and access.
Leverage new technologies Improve development and interoperability by leveraging new technologies like Eclipse™, SOA and APIs as well as mobile, big data and cloud environments. Save costs and improve operations by optimizing mainframe applications or re-hosting to LUW platforms.


Eclipse-based agile development Increase application development productivity, lower maintenance costs, easily train new programmers and be more responsive to business requirements.
Learn about NaturalONE in this white paper.
Application analysis Automatically scan application assets—like Natural code, Adabas data, JCL batch jobs and business processes—to make better modernization decisions at low risk and impact.
Web- and mobile-enablement Transform complex green screens like 3270 and Natural maps into intuitive and easy-to-access Web user interfaces for Web and mobile devices.
Learn more about mobile enablement in this white paper.
Data integration Provide standard SQL access to Adabas and replicate data changes in real time to multiple target systems like RDBMS, business intelligence systems and big data environments.
Learn more about big data integration in this white paper.
Program connectivity Expose unique business logic as Web or API services to increase the interoperability with other systems.
Platform optimization Reduce costs and standardize platforms by using mainframe optimization products or by re-hosting the application to LUW.
Learn more about re-hosting in this white paper
Fully leverage Adabas & Natural technologies Leverage unique product capabilities and platform features to get the most out of your modernization approaches.
Powerful Digital Business Platform integration Develop and monitor in a common tool environment to innovate faster. Leverage a rich set of analysis and integration features to re-use core applications in new digital solutions.
Learn more about the Digital Business Platform.
Complete service portfolio Make use of Adabas & Natural education as well as managed and modernization services to cover all aspects of developing, maintaining and operating applications.
Learn more about managed services in this fact sheet.

Business needs

Adapt to changing business needs React more quickly to changing business needs and leverage agile development tools and methodologies.
Increase application availability Ensure continuous operations and meet increasing service-level demands by optimizing and monitoring mission-critical applications.
Mitigate costs and risks Ripping out and replacing core systems can cost millions. Avoid that cost and risk by using our modernization platform to give a new “look and feel” to proven applications.
Manage generational change A retiring workforce increases the risks of continuing to develop and operate a core application. Modern Eclipse-based development tools, automatic analysis, platform optimization as well as education and managed services give you all the options you need to adapt to a new generation of developers.
Make applications easier to use Make green screens a thing of the past. With our platform, you can easily modernize user interfaces in a matter of days.
Improve the customer experience Increase the user and customer experience by providing easy-to-use Web and mobile apps to increase operational productivity and customer satisfaction.
Expose differentiating functionality to new digital solutions Today’s business users and partners want access to applications anywhere, anytime and in a personalized way. Use our application modernization platform in combination with the Digital Business Platform to develop new digital apps and services faster. Deliver new solutions, such as Internet-scale online services, omni-channel orchestration with mobile and API support, supply chain optimization, real-time fraud detection and auditing, and more.


NaturalONE Intuitively develop, modernize, manage and integrate applications with an Eclipse-based tool.
Natural for AJAX Build rich and responsive Web and mobile applications natively with Natural.
ApplinX Web- and service-enable character-based screens like 3270.
EntireX Bi-directionally service-enable Natural applications by providing or calling services in Java®, .NET, Web services and Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.
Adabas & Natural for LUW Use these products when re-hosting mainframe applications to LUW.
More on Adabas for LUW and Natural for LUW.
Adabas & Natural for Mainframe Use these products to optimize mainframe environments, helping to save costs—for example, in IBM® zIIP™ offloading.
More on Adabas for Mainframe and Natural for Mainframe.
Adabas SQL Gateway Provides standard SQL interface to access Adabas with SQL queries using standard JDBC® and ODBC interfaces.
Event Replicator for Adabas Replicate data changes from Adabas in real time to other Adabas, RDBMS, business intelligence or big data environments.
Natural Engineer Automatically analyze and document Natural applications (including code, data, screens and batch jobs), clean up legacy code and save costs in application maintenance.


I’m Bruce Beaman, senior director for Adabas & Natural Product Marketing. Got a question on what Software AG’s Adabas & Natural can do for you? Please reach out to me.

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