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See how systems are running right now—not just after the fact.
Build real-time monitoring into new solutions and business processes with
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Get real-time visibility into your systems

Software AG’s webMethods Operational Intelligence Platform enables you to discover the “how” of your systems without modeling. You can build future-proof systems that give you real-time visibility so you can take action when it matters most. See how systems are running right now to gain a competitive advantage in fast-changing environments. Understand your systems regardless of the software they are running. Even build real-time monitoring into new solutions and business processes.

What you can do with this platform

Analyze history
  • Understand past performance
  • Monitor and evaluate end-to-end processes running on your systems
  • Discover actual processes from heterogeneous systems—regardless of the software they are running
  • Create process models from your application logs
Monitor in real time
  • See what’s happening now with real-time event and KPI-level monitoring
  • Get alerted when there is a change to the average execution time of your business
Take action now
  • Once you know what’s happening, you can take the right action at the right time
  • Move inventory, add resources, alert management—do whatever it takes to get business moving and improve customer satisfaction

Key benefits

Achieve business transparency Discover processes in a non-intrusive way across systems. See why your processes are behaving the way they are. Review analytics based on data, process and organizational metrics.
Make real-time decisions Conduct automatic real-time monitoring. Get real-time alerts of key SLAs and KPIs. Predict future opportunities based on historical process data. Take real-time actions based on triggers and learned behavior.
Optimize your processes The platform is fully integrated with webMethods BPMS, so the processes you build are the processes you monitor. Continuously optimize processes end-to-end with out-of-the-box monitoring for BPMS-built processes.


Business activity monitoring
  • Real-time, process, business and infrastructure event- and KPI-level monitoring
  • Proactive alerting with intelligent self-learning
  • Fully integrated with webMethods BPMS, seamless user experience between modeling and monitoring tools
  • The processes you monitor are the processes you built!
  • Data- and functional-level security
  • Out-of-the-box visualization
Process performance management
  • Server-based application for monitoring and evaluating end-to-end processes—ideal for procure-to-pay and order-to-cash applications
  • Process discovery from heterogeneous application sources—for example, ERP, CRM and BPMS—with performance-relevant data—for example, time
  • End-to-end process model created based on transactional application logs
  • Supports advanced analytics, benchmarking and data mining, organizational analytics (social pattern analysis) and reporting
  • In-memory architecture for real-time analysis with easy-to-use slice-and-dice capabilities

Business needs

Gain business visibility webMethods Operational Intelligence gives you the visibility you need to gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing environments. You can see how your systems are running, all the time, not just after the fact. You also can build real-time monitoring into new solutions and business processes.
Document and build compliant processes More and more, you need to comply with internal or external requirements. But often, you don’t know all the people and processes actually touching your systems and how they are impacting your business. With webMethods Operational Intelligence, you can discover:
  • What systems are involved in each process
  • Who is involved in each step throughout approvals and process tasks
This gives you the documentation you need to assure compliancy.
Leverage existing investments webMethods Operational Intelligence is fully integrated with ARIS and other webMethods platforms. Use it to seamlessly connect the user experience between your modeling and monitoring tools, so the processes you monitor are the processes you built! Add Apama Streaming Analytics for a complete intelligent business operations solution.


MashZone NextGen Business Analytics This self-service, real-time data visualization tool combines data from different applications to create dashboards, which can be displayed on any device.
ARIS Process Performance Manager What can’t be measured can’t be optimized. So measure, then optimize with ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM).
webMethods Optimize for B2B Offers real-time insight into transactions and trends with trading partners. An add-on tool for webMethods Trading Networks.
webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure Offers real-time insight into the performance of Adabas, Natural, ApplinX, EntireX, webMethods Integration Server and webMethods Broker.
webMethods Optimize for Process Provides real-time monitoring, alerting and analytics for process KPIs.


I’m Ann Marie Bond with Software AG’s product management team. I’m here to help you understand the value of operational intelligence for your organization. Have a question or an idea for a new feature? Let’s talk!

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