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Technology is changing the competitive landscape faster than ever. Native digital companies are disrupting entire markets with superior customer service. One thing is clear: To outperform the competition, your business must become digital.

Digital Transformation requires a Digital Business Platform to create unique ways to stand out from the competition. For your Digital Transformation, you need a platform to set your strategy, align your IT and make your whole organization digital. Only then will you be able to see and act on real-time insights.


Digital Transformation takes more than technology. You also need a partner with the experience to design, implement and govern your strategy. Software AG and our global partner community are ready to help you. Here are a few of our customer successes:

Leader in consumer goods

Tech ed conference
75% faster time-to-market
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Largest soft drink company

Real-time supply chain
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Global chemical manufacturer

Invent a better future
Streamlined sales, greater flexibility
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To be successful with Digital Transformation, your organization needs to start with a mind-shift and take an "outside-in" approach. So, instead of thinking “from portfolio to customers,” think in terms of “from customer to portfolio.”

This shift is immensely important as technology moves from being a tool for lowering operations costs to a tool for generating market opportunities and revenue.

This means Digital Transformation is less about the type of technology, technology standardization or asset utilization and more about serving increasingly mobile and digitally savvy customers when, where and how they demand it.

Markets are changing everywhere as a result: New commercial models appear almost on a weekly basis, and new business ecosystems get created every day.

The drivers behind this change are very clear and simple:

  1. Customers (both, B2C and B2B companies) are gaining market power
  2. They want to exercise that power using digital technologies to connect with brands
  3. They are flocking to brands that provide superior engagement throughout the customer lifecycle
  4. Digital Transformation is the basis for providing and sustaining superior digital engagement

How do you get there?

At Software AG, we believe that there are three elements that need to be addressed as part of Digital Transformation:

  • Customer experience: Your organizations has to use technology to deliver digital capabilities directly to customers, indirectly through customer-facing functions, and embedded in the goods and services your customers consume.
  • Business engagement: Not only customers have to be given the best possible experience but your organization’s business functions have to be engaged, connected and empowered in order to drive the best possible customer outcomes.
  • Business agility: Your organization has to create digital experiences, services and touchpoints that are fast to change, easy to integrate and cheap to operate. To achieve this, your organization needs to embrace fast and iterative development concepts.

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