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Software AG’s webMethods AgileApps Platform is an amazingly easy, incredibly powerful agile applications platform. It’s a fast way to increase business productivity and deliver process-driven situational and case management apps so you can quickly respond to changing business and customer needs. Using the AgileApps Platform, subject matter experts can visually assembly powerful productivity applications with ready-to-run processes, flexible business rules, document assembly, drag-and-drop e-forms, customized reports, interactive dashboards and mobile access.

What you can do with the platform

Visually design, deploy & run applications
  • Virtually anyone can build or customize processes and apps
  • Reduce the cost and time to create custom apps
  • Respond faster to changing business requirements
Make better decisions with better data
  • Use real-time, role-specific dashboards and reports
  • Quickly search and access information
  • Develop customizable row or matrix reports with graphics
  • Schedule delivery of reports to teams in multiple formats
Assess, communicate & collaborate
  • Works with all mobile, desktop and tablet devices
  • Integrate email and social channels
  • See all changes via activity streams for all team members

Key benefits

Increase workplace agility Use AgileApps Cloud to build and deploy process-driven applications that engage constituents, including employees, customers, partners and suppliers.
Visually create business processes Streamline team-based activities and approval cycles by modeling and running business processes as a flow of automated and manual human-centric tasks.
Mobile anywhere access Automatically access your information and applications on various Web-enabled mobile devices with dashboards, views and forms optimized for mobile devices.
Automate business rules Use AgileApps Cloud’s business rules to automate common business activities to shorten response times and implement your best practices.
Create flexible forms and fields Visually create forms you need to capture a wide variety of data—from simple text fields to numeric values, to typical form elements like checkboxes and dropdown pick lists.
Communicate across channels Respond quickly to new requests, issues and questions from multiple channels, including email, Web and social.
Never miss an important deadline Meet performance goals and contractual service requirements that are critical to your business using SLAs and escalations.
Improve customer satisfaction Standardize customer-facing messages to improve efficiency and ensure consistent messaging for common with pre-programmed responses to common questions.
Customize customer portals Deliver an integrated and branded portal experience to your customers. Increase customer self-service and engagement by enabling community support and knowledgebase access and also by providing case submissions and tracking.
Enhance business insight Insightful decision-making and information management is a snap using easy-to-configure views and reports that provide at-a-glance KPIs and give every user the information they need most.


Dynamic processes Customizable business processes help you accelerate and streamline how work gets done. You don’t need programming to create business processes, assign tasks, plan for escalations and send custom notifications.
Case management Create powerful enterprise-grade case management applications that streamline and automate enterprise service requests by providing:
  • Case assignment rules and queues
  • Activity streams for communications
  • Integrated task management
  • Pre-defined and dynamic process creation
  • Time tracking for case work
  • Case analytics and reporting
  • Integrated document and file attachments
Web applications Instead of emailing a spreadsheet, turn it into a collaborative Web application. AgileApps was designed to overcome traditional software limitations so it can be used across your company by people in R&D, marketing, sales, HR, finance—everybody!
Rules engine Using the business rules engine, you can implement and control your business processes, escalations, notifications and approvals the way you want. The dynamic rules engine checks for both time and event conditions to be met on any field value before executing compound, multi-step actions.
Multi-channel communications AgileApps provides you a variety of ways to interact and communicate with customers. It’s easy to switch channels by transitioning people to the most effective way to resolve the case: Web, Twitter®, Facebook, portals or email.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Manage your SLAs and tasks to never miss an important deadline. Whether you are concerned about meeting contract commitments, exceeding customer service expectations, or adhering to internal performance measures, SLAs monitor important tasks and track time left to respond to or resolve an open task. Automatic reminders and escalations bring your attention to SLAs that are dangerously close to violation.
Advanced reporting Improve business insight using beautiful and informative reports and dashboards that help you quickly understand key performance and service metrics. It’s simple to create powerful reports that help you visualize your data and provide business insight. You can dynamically analyze information with ad-hoc reports, save often-used reports and schedule the delivery of periodic summary reports by email to team members so everyone is up to date.
Self-service portals and knowledge base Balance delivering great customer service and managing the cost of delivering support services by offering a customer support portal that lets customers:
  • Browse a knowledge base of articles
  • Post questions to the customer community for peer answers
  • Do a federated search across both the knowledge base and community postings
Mobility Accessing important information from any smart mobile device is essential for a distributed and connected workforce. View and update cases, send messages, receive notifications and more from the convenience and portability of your smart phone or tablet.

Business needs

Better decision-making The most valuable information helps you make better decisions. It’s there when you need it—real-time, accurate and accessible wherever you are. The AgileApps Platform includes real-time information analytics, reporting and role-specific dashboards that can be customized and run on-demand providing access to application information across all devices. AgileApps fosters greater collaboration around data and processes in Web-based productivity apps to provide complete visibility of record and process changes in activity streams.
More organization agility The only constant is change—changing business needs, changing processes, changing competitive requirements and changing customer needs. To keep up with this dynamic environment, organizations need digital business applications that can be updated—and ideally by those people using the application. AgileApps is designed from the business user’s point of view and non-technical skill level. Subject matter experts can visually customize their application experience, including forms, fields, rules and processes, based on their evolving needs and requirements.
Empowering business users Most organizations have significantly more requests for applications than they have the funding or resources to complete. AgileApps reduces this long tail of unmet process application requests by making it time efficient and cost effective to assemble situational application or case management applications visually—no coding required!
Cost savings Compared to building, deploying and managing traditional application architectures, the costs savings of switching to AgileApps are significant (especially when factoring in hardware, software licenses and personnel responsible for maintaining systems). The cost of AgileApps, like any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, is scalable with your needs.
Adding predictability to the budget Create as many applications as you want on AgileApps. Cost will only change as you add users. This scalable pricing adapts to organizational changes so you pay as you grow. By creating multiple applications, you will develop an economy of scale that improves the overall value of each user license.
Maximizing time-to-value AgileApps delivers a fast ROI because the cost savings are immediate when compared to traditional homegrown, self-built, self-managed infrastructure. AgileApps applications can be visually changed and optimized throughout the development cycle. They can go live the second they are finished. You can use AgileApps sandboxing features to implement test-release processes to ensure software quality.
Adaptability and re-use You can build multiple applications on AgileApps and share and repurpose them across the enterprise. Investments made for one project can be leveraged by another. Integrations for one project can be used by another. Custom code and components can also be shared. A common user experience and compatibility with enterprise single sign-on makes access a breeze and shortens the time it takes for users to learn and become productive on each new application.


AgileApps Cloud Rethink how enterprise applications are developed to deliver increased agility to quickly respond to evolving customer and competitive requirements. Now you can deliver process-driven applications in weeks rather than months.


I’m Rick McEachern with Software AG’s webMethods product marketing team. Have a question about what AgileApps can do for your organization? Let’s talk!

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