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Improve operational speed, visibility and agility

With the webMethods BPM Platform, you can create business applications based on orchestrated, managed and monitored end-to-end business processes or workflows. The platform improves process speed, visibility, consistency and agility while reducing costs and driving standardization—all critical components of effective business operations. Our platform includes everything you need—technology, best practices and content—to get started and quickly show results.

What you can do with the platform

Develop and run business applications
  • Rapidly create or change business processes and workflows
  • Create applications that are as dynamic as your business is
  • Improve collaboration between IT and business
Manage tasks and teams
  • Coordinate and manage manual business activities
  • Foster collaboration between stakeholders of different departments
  • Reach your workforce via mobile devices
Monitor business activity
  • Monitor process KPIs in real time
  • Gain real time alerts of exceptions and act on them immediately
  • Become aware of potential operational issues before they happen with predictive analytics

Key benefits

Increase efficiency Continuously improve your business processes and reach a higher level of efficiency. Eliminate manual that are time consuming, error prone and costly. Drive standardization in the organization to reduce costs.
Improve transparency Monitor performance as processes execute. Take action based on insights gained through real time process analytics and dashboards.
Gain visibility Identify bottlenecks to optimize workforce management. Give customers and business partners visibility into your business processes. See if processes are running as desired to uncover improvement opportunities. Measure productivity and predict what benefits you can expect next from process changes.
Improve quality Assure consistency and avoid manual errors. Get employees to follow the same optimized and standardized processes to reduce costs.
Change faster Quickly respond to changing business conditions. Count on the agility you need to make business adjustments and develop new applications faster. Transform your business and IT via flexible business rules and process intelligence.


Process execution Run processes perfectly orchestrated, resulting in an transparent, efficient and adaptive process landscape for active error prevention and end-to-end visibility.
Rules management Stakeholders in IT and business can define and change rules that drive processes “on the fly” without any development work.
Business console Manage business processes and tasks with role-based monitoring and social guidance. A customizable inbox enables you to view, act and collaborate on all assigned tasks. A recommendation engine for experts helps guide you in completing tasks faster and more effectively. Business Console is available as a web and mobile application.
Closed loop analytics Dashboards in the business console provide visualizations for process and stage intrinsics that enable users to define KPIs and take immediate actions based on alerts from process milestones, goals and associated SLAs. Out-of-the-box actions (such as an escalation process) can be kicked off to address violations or breaches and can direct the users to the business console to collaborate on root-cause analysis.
Content integration & management Re-use any kind of unstructured content—documents, forms, memorandums and shipping papers—aligned with processes when creating your business applications.
Task & team management Improve how people interact with your processes via task management and collaboration capabilities.
Model-to-execute Use process models your business defines using ARIS as a starting point for process execution with webMethods BPM. This aligns your corporate strategy with business processes and IT applications so that “structure follows strategy.”

Business needs

Increase productivity and quality
  • Eliminate manual process steps to reduce error rates
  • Execute and orchestrate processes to speed them up while driving down costs
  • Ensure quality by executing optimized manual workflows in a consistent manner
Improve process transparency
  • Manage the business based on complete, meaningful end-to-end KPIs, not just partial information
  • Gain insights through real-time process analytics, dashboards and alerting to identify bottlenecks and other issues as soon as they occur, so you can prevent downstream issues
  • Predict business impact of process changes to increase improvement success rates and adoption
Enable transformation and agility
  • Adjust to business environment changes with the ability to change processes and& applications quickly
  • Use flexible business rules and operational intelligence to improve process efficiency and productivity
  • Run your business on a solid platform that maximizes agility, so that you can be known for your fast time-to-market


MashZone NextGen Business Analytics This self-service, real-time data visualization tool combines data from different applications to create dashboards, which can be displayed on any device.
webMethods BPMS Allows organizations to develop, execute and monitor business solutions that combine process automation and workflow management capabilities.
Model-to-Execute Aligns architecture, design and implementation of business solutions with ARIS and webMethods BPM.
webMethods Business Rules Allows stakeholders to define and change rules that automate decisions and that can be changed easily at any time without development effort.
webMethods Mobile Designer Provides a quick and easy way to create native mobile applications based on webMethods BPM tasks and workflows.
webMethods Content Service Platform Integrated with the webMethods Business Process Management Suite to rapidly integrate unstructured content from various sources and to leverage it seamlessly in any business application.
webMethods Optimize for Process Provides real-time monitoring, alerting and analytics for process KPIs.


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